6-12 Months Before
Her Checklist
__ Select a date and time for the wedding
__ Choose your theme or style
__ Decide the color scheme
__ Determine the size of your guest list
__ Select the type of reception (dancing
     with dinner, dinner only, etc.)
__ Reserve a ceremony and reception 
Interview and select the following
     professionals, if needed:
    __ Photographer
     __ Florist
     __ Officiant or clergy
     __ Videographer
     __ Caterer
     __ Wedding Consultant
__ Begin gathering names and addresses
     of guests
__ Select bridal attendants
__ Have fiancé select his attendants
__ Select your dress and headpiece
__ Select bridesmaids' dresses
__ Order wedding cake
__ Arrange accommodations for
     out-of-town guests or attendants
__ Choose engagement ring, if he has not
     already done so
__ Send announcement of engagement to
His Checklist
__ Purchase the bride's engagement ring 
__ Discuss with fiancée the date and
     type of wedding
__ Begin gathering names and addresses
of guests
__ Choose your best man, groomsmen,
     and ushers
__ Begin planning the honeymoon
4 Months Before
Her Checklist
__ Continue making arrangements with 
     vendors (sign contracts, pay
__ Verify all bridal attire has been ordered
__ Finalize the guest list
__ Order invitations and stationery
__ Have the mothers select their attire
__ Register at the bridal registry in the
cities of both families
__ Make all necessary medical exam
__ Shop for wedding rings
__ Determine living arrangements for after
     the wedding
__ Begin shopping for your trousseau
His Checklist
__ Finalize honeymoon plans
__ Select the men's wedding attire and
     reserve the correct sizes (be sure to
     bring your bride with you so that the
     attire you choose will complement her
__ Obtain the requirements for a marriage
license (blood test, physical,
     necessary paperwork)
__ Shop for wedding rings
__ Complete the guest list including full
     names, addresses and phone numbers
     of each guest
__ Discuss and plan with fiancée your
     future home together.  If fiancée is
     moving in with you, start cleaning out
     closets, cupboards and drawers to
     make room for your bride
2 Months Before
Her Checklist
__ Address invitations.  They should be
     mailed 4 to 6 weeks before the
__ Finalize arrangements with musicians,
     reception location, florist, caterer,
ceremony, etc.
__ Finalize ceremony details with
     clergy/officiant (ie. order of
__ Arrange the ceremony rehearsal
__ Arrange lunch for bridesmaids'
__ Make beauty arrangements
     (hairdresser, makeup)
__ Have engagement photos taken
His Checklist
__ Assist/Arrange rehearsal dinner (ie. location, entree selections)
__ Have engagement photos taken
__ Finalize ceremony details with
     clergy/officiant (ie. order of
__ Discuss the amount and the financial
     arrangements for the flowers
1 Month Before
Her Checklist
__ Have a final fitting for your and bridal
     attendants' gowns
__ Verify all accessories have been
     purchased (candles, garter, toasting
      glasses, etc.)

__ Arrange person for handling guest book
and determine where it will be located
__ Order wedding program for ceremony
__ Get blood test, if needed
__ Complete all physical and/or dental
__ Obtain marriage license
__ Finalize and confirm accommodations
     for out-of-town guests
__ Purchase/make groom's gift, if gifts are
     being exchanged
__ Purchase/make gifts for bridesmaids
__ Have lunch with attendants
__ Purchase going away outfit
__ Be sure to record any gifts received. 
     It's a good idea to write and send
     thank-you notes immediately)
__ Provide the videographer with any
     additional pictures you want included
     in the video (ie. montage)
__ Provide a list of special music
     selections for the musicians for both
ceremony and reception
His Checklist
__ Get blood test, if needed
__ Complete all physical and/or dental
__ Obtain marriage license
__ Purchase gifts for best man and ushers
__ Purchase/make fiancée's gift, if gifts
     are being exchanged
__ Verify that all attendants have been
    fitted and wedding attire has been
__ Pick up wedding rings.  Make sure they
__ Obtain information on all legal affairs
     (ie. medical plans, insurance policies,
     joint checking accounts).  If you have
     both agreed to a pre-nuptial
     agreement, have it drawn up and
2 Weeks Before
Her Checklist
__ Inform photographer the list of poses
and pictures you want
__ Prepare wedding announcements to be
    sent to the newspaper
__ Arrange for your personal items to be
moved to your new home
__ Make any address changes with the
    Post Office
His Checklist
__ Finalize transportation for the wedding
__ Have your hair cut
__ If moving, be sure to submit a change
     of address card to the post office. 
     Arrange to have utilities (gas,
     electric, phone service) turned on in
     the new home.  If not moving, finish
     cleaning and reorganizing your home
     and help your fiancée move her things
1 Week Before
Her Checklist
__ Contact guests who have not
__ Give final total of guests to caterer
    and review the food/service agreement
__ Review with all service providers the
    details.  Inform them of any changes
__ Plan the seating arrangements for
     the reception
__ Continue writing thank-you notes
__ Pack for the honeymoon
__ Make sure you have the rings and
     they fit
__ Verify all wedding attire is ready and
__ Have a rehearsal for all participants to
     review their duties
__ Attend the rehearsal dinner. Relax
__ Stay with family the night before the
     wedding.  Go to bed early so you will
     be refreshed for your special day
His Checklist
__ Reconfirm all honeymoon reservations
__ Pack for the honeymoon
__ Verify you have the marriage license
__ Pick up and try on wedding attire to
     check the fit
__ Attend the rehearsal to review your
__ Discuss special seating or pew cards
     with ushers
__ Arrange for gifts brought to the
     reception to be taken to your new
__ Pack the car with your luggage for
     your first night/honeymoon
__ Attend the rehearsal and dinner. Relax
__ Go to bed early, so you will be
     refreshed for your special day
Wedding Day
Her Checklist
__ Be sure to eat (most brides forget or
     are too exited/nervous).
__ Have a massage or take a relaxing
__ Fix hair or have an appointment to
     have it styled at least 3 to 4 hours
     before the ceremony
__ Make sure nails are well manicured
__ Allow plenty of time to apply
__ Place all accessories together in one
     bag to take to the salon and to the
     ceremony for any last minute
__ If you are having photos taken before
     the wedding have everyone ready
     about 2 - 2 1/2 hours before the
     ceremony (time is based on size of
     wedding party and family)
__ Have music start 30 minutes before
     the ceremony
__ Just before the ceremony begins the
     mother of the bride and the groom's
     parents should be seated--unless
     their entrance is part of the ceremony
His Checklist
__ Be sure to eat something in the
__ Don't forget to take the marriage
     license to the ceremony
__ Place the officiant's fee in a sealed
     envelope to present to him after the
__ Allow plenty of time to get dressed
     (begin 1 hour before the ceremony or
     before pictures are taken)
__ Arrive at the ceremony location on
__ Give the best man the rings--unless
     there is a ring bearer
After Wedding
Her Checklist
__ Get forms arranged and submitted for
     change of names on Social Security
     card, driver's license, insurance,
     medical/dental plans, bank accounts,
     will, and other named business/legal
__ Mail wedding announcement to the
__ Write/mail thank-you's
__ Go on honeymoon
__ Relax and enjoy your wonderful life
His Checklist
__ Go on honeymoon
__ Relax and enjoy your wonderful life

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